USMLE-STEP 3 Self-Assessment exam


  • Each block contains 40 exam-like style questions, 160 multiple-choice items
  • Each block takes 1 hour to complete
  • Each block has diverse set of questions testing various disciplines or specialties
  • Each block has detailed and clear explanations, illustrations, images, charts to enhance understanding of tested concepts
  • Each block has performance profile score report to provide overview of relative strengths and weaknesses in general topic areas

Expanded feedback which include:

  • Number & percentages of correct, incorrect and omitted items
  • Comparison of participant’s performance with other users
  • Mean time spent on each item or block
  • Participants receive profile score interpretation guide with approximate corresponding USMLE 3 score estimation
  • Participants receive longitudinal performance profile report that displays results of the various subject areas completed

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