A 3-month-old girl presented because of an enlarging mass of her right forehead, uvula and sharply bordered right median eyelid. The mother reported that the lesion was barely evident at birth and that it grew rapidly in size and thickness since then. Family started seeking medical advice after 2 of noticing it because the lesion had enlarged. There were occasional ulcerations & bleeding but no associated congenital skin problem. At presentation, the lesion was palpable (a 6cm x 5cm large sharply-bordered red tumor) and ultrasonography revealed a spindle – shaped cavernous lesions. Bronchoscopy was not performed since there was no stridor. MRI of the central nervous system ruled out complications such as arterial anomalies, cardiac abnormalities, eye abnormalities, or sternal cleft defects.

Which of the following is the most appropriate next step in the management of this patient?